A new look for an evolving profession

Our website has changed to meet the needs of managers

Welcome to your new-look Nursing Management website. It has been redesigned to create a fresher, more modern and user-friendly feel, based on what our reader research told us you wanted.

All your favourite sections – peer-reviewed articles, news, analysis, opinion and columns, and careers –  are still here. Some have been renamed or merged, and others added.

Our clinical section, which includes CPDs and research, previously known as art & science, is now called evidence & practice, and resources has been incorporated into news, which is where you will find diary, events and web scan. 

We have also added clinical and policy updates to keep you up to date with new government policies, practice information and guidelines. 

Online first

From now on, all of our articles will appear online first but you will still be able to read them in our print issues.

The site offers you an intuitive and up-to-the-minute experience, with easier access to an archive of articles from all our publications and rolling news, as well as interactive and audiovisual content, such as podcasts, interviews with authors, case studies, infographics and live discussions on our Hub. 

We would love to hear what you think, so please email me with your views at sophie.blakemore@rcni.com or add a comment below.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest clinical articles on how you can help to reduce waste in the NHS (here), recruiting a high quality workforce (here) and same-day discharge (here)

Our next print issue will be out in September.

Happy surfing!

Sophie Blakemore

Editor, Nursing Management


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