MS specialist nurse training launched

Course aims to help nurses tackle complexity of patient-led care for MS patients

A training course has been developed to teach Multiple Sclerosis specialist nurses how to develop business plans that can improve services.

The OptiMiSe course, aimed at helping nurses tackle issues such as providing complex pharmacology and producing patient-focused care plans, has been developed by drug company Sanofi Genzyme. 

Fifty-five nurses have already taken part in a pilot.

Identify changes to practice

MS specialist nurse Nicki Abel, who chaired the OptiMiSe steering group, said the course helps nurses identify where they needed to change their practice.

‘We have to make sure that we run the services we need,' she said. 'We need to protect our positions and sometimes we have to make changes to the services that we offer. This means nurses may want to know how to develop a business plan which is one of the areas we cover,’ she said.

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