COVID-19 survey: RCN calls for nurses’ feedback on the crisis

Three-pronged survey will look at healthcare staff's experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

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RCN researchers are calling for nurses’ feedback on the COVID-19 pandemic so that conditions can be improved.

Online survey takes 15 minutes to complete

The 15-minute online survey covers topics such as availability of personal protective equipment, redeployment and training, stress and anxiety, self-isolation, and the effects on one's work.  

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nursing and Midwifery workforce (ICON) study is open to all nurses working in health and social care in the UK as well as nursing students, nursing associates, trainee nursing associates, healthcare support workers, healthcare assistants and midwives.

The ICON survey is being led by the University of Warwick and RCN Research Society Steering Group, whose members are drawn from universities and hospitals across the UK.

Survey results will be given to policymakers to inform future planning 

Keith Couper, assistant professor in emergency and critical care at Warwick Medical School and member of the steering group, said the information gathered will be given to policymakers such as the RCN and the four chief nursing officers in the UK.

‘It will highlight what is going on, with a view to at least informing the policies that will come out later,’ Dr Couper said.

The survey has had about 2,000 responses so far and is the first of three surveys the research group are planning.

The current survey looks at the conditions for nurses before the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to peak.

The second survey will take place during the peak of the pandemic and the final survey will be carried out after.

Survey results will provide a picture of COVID-19's effect on the healthcare workforce

Dr Couper said it is likely the first survey will end this week, so there is enough time to collect responses before the peak.

Fellow member of the research group, Daniel Kelly, RCN chair of nursing research and professor at Cardiff University’s school of healthcare sciences, said the three-survey approach is important as it will examine what nurses might need when the crisis is over.

‘We need evidence of the impact of COVID-19 on the nursing workforce otherwise we risk dealing with anecdote and media impressions,' he said.

‘We need evidence to base reactions on.’

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