Have you ever been ‘Datixed’? How to end weaponised incident reporting

Bullying and back-covering is leading to inappropriate ‘safety’ reports in the NHS

When bullying, back-covering and defensiveness pervade the workplace culture, colleagues can turn on each other using NHS digital incident reporting systems

  • Incident reporting is essential for safety in nursing, but systems such as Datix are sometimes misused to draw attention to trivial concerns
  • Advice on using your online incident reporting system, plus tips for managers on creating an open, fear-free learning culture
  • CPD opportunities: find out about related RCNiLearning modules

Could your eyebrows frighten people at work, or have you ever eaten chocolates meant for a colleague? If so, be warned – you could find yourself being ‘Datixed’.

Reports of staff using incident reporting systems such as Datix to