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Using change management to implement barcode medicines administration technology

Complex projects, such as barcode technology implementation, require staff engagement

Effect of nurse managers’ leadership styles on predicted nurse turnover

Understanding the effects of nurse managers’ leadership on turnover may improve retention

A preceptorship toolkit for nurse managers, teams and healthcare organisations

Researchers have developed a toolkit to develop and improve preceptorship

A nurse-led youth volunteering project to support older people on acute hospital wards

Young people volunteering on acute hospital wards can provide extra support to older patients

What the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about the need to develop resilience in the nursing...

Most research on resilience in healthcare systems such as the NHS is based on organisational...

Analysing the implementation and effects of safe staffing policies in acute hospitals

This article examines the main findings of several high-profile inquiries and reports

Effect of authentic leadership on newly qualified nurses: a scoping review

A review on the relationships between authentic leaders and newly qualified nurses

Effect of e-learning on nurses’ continuing professional development

An exploration of nurses’ views on the value of e-learning

Quality of work life and work-family conflict: a cross-sectional study among nurses in...

The relationship between work-life quality and work-family conflict among nurses in Iran

Exploring the influence of the nursing and medical professions on policy and politics

Nursing Now and the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, offer new opportunities

Implementing a quality improvement programme in a locality mental health service

How quality improvement programmes can be implemented successfully in your clinical area

How nurse leaders can support staff going through the menopause

The value of a workplace culture that supports women experiencing menopausal symptoms
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Development of a hospital early warning score to end ‘escalation fatigue’

Antrim Area HEWS has advanced the Northern Irish trust’s management of site-level pressure

Exploring public perspectives of e-professionalism in nursing

Public perceptions of the acceptability of nurses’ online behaviours and e-professionalism

How instant messaging can boost leadership training for rural nurse managers

A study explored the use of instant messaging in continuing education for nurses and midwives

Establishing an advanced care academy and its role in advanced practitioner development

Advanced clinical practice roles help fill gaps in care provision and improve consistency

Interprofessional shared governance and relationship-based care

Implementation and lessons learned from a US project carried out over eight years

Objective structured clinical exam: how clinical nurse educators can support...

Internationally educated nurses (IENs) require robust teaching programmes to support them...