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Gender diversity in nursing: time to think again

Familiarise yourself with specific techniques that could improve gender diversity in nursing

Patient outcomes and healthcare costs associated with ventilator-associated pneumonia

A study on the economic consequences of ventilator-associated pneumonia

Psychological peer support for staff: implementing the Trauma Risk Management model in...

Why you should read this article: • To increase your understanding of the Trauma Risk...

Understanding the work and decision-making strategies of bed management nurses

A systematic review of the literature on bed management nurses

How succession planning affects nurse managers’ leadership and organisational resilience

An assessment of how knowledge of succession planning affects practices and resilience

Identifying effective retention strategies for front-line nurses

An exploration of strategies to reduce the voluntary turnover of front-line nurses

Introducing a digital portal that enables patients to access their health records

This article outlines the process of implementation and discusses the lessons learned

Engaging nurses in achieving a culture of excellence

A description of a children’s hospital journey towards Pathway to Excellence accreditation

Examining an education intervention on nurses’ medicines management knowledge

Mandatory hospital medicines management programmes and their effects on nurses’ knowledge
Open access

Investigating staff nurses’ perceptions of organisational justice and job satisfaction

The relationship of such perceptions to organisational citizenship behaviour

Nursing during COVID-19: experiences of a quaternary care teaching hospital in India

How a hospital in India responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19

Perceptions and beliefs about the regulation of advanced nurse practitioners

An exploration and discussion of the proposed regulation of advanced nurse practitioners

Exploring the role of effective nurse leadership during COVID-19

An evaluation of the importance of leadership in nursing

Supporting the well-being of nurses working during COVID-19

A look at the enhanced support for healthcare staff during the pandemic and lessons learned

Implementation of a ward staff self-rostering system: improving morale and retention

Staff morale is important in maintaining and improving nurse recruitment and retention

Nursing-sensitive indicators: a concept analysis

Criteria for changes in a person’s health status that nursing care can directly affect

Managing capability in specialist nursing practice

How enhanced training and support can improve the capability management processes

Managing volunteers who support patients with dementia or cognitive impairment

This article discusses the development of the NURTURe model on an acute hospital ward