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How to hit the target when you apply for a job

Selling yourself in job applications is not as daunting as you may think

Selling yourself in job applications is not as daunting as you may think

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There comes a point for third-year nursing students when the words ‘portfolio’, ‘personal statement’ and ‘job applications’ are all that’s on your mind.

Many of us think, how do I sell myself? This can be daunting, but it may not be as difficult as you think.

It’s not necessarily about standing out above anyone else, it’s about showcasing the incredible journey you have been on.

Cast your mind back to when you started your nursing journey. Reflect on everything you have learned, and how your nursing education has shaped your skills and competencies. This may sound simple – but it is the key.

Evidence of skills

Of course, personal statements should suit the specific job you are applying for and the job description that comes with it, but a strong generic personal statement can be partnered with a detailed nursing CV.

Your CV can provide details of each placement area you have attended. Outline the skills that you practised during your time there, and give evidence of how you used the skills you have described. For example, if you claim to have showed good communication skills, ensure you explain how.

When you begin to reflect, you will naturally realise that you have developed many vital skills that employers look for, in communication, collaboration, time management, leadership and patient safety.

By doing this, you can sell yourself without realising you are doing it. As long as you provide plenty of evidence to back up these skills, you'll be ticking all of employers’ hypothetical boxes.

You have what it takes to get that dream job – so go get it.

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Christoper_SteeleChris Steele is a third-year children’s nursing student at Edge Hill University, Lancashire

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