Nursing studies

Two nurses, one holding a reference book and the other a bottle of medicine, consult a display board in a ward setting

What does ‘prescriber-ready’ mean for nursing students?

And why not everyone will be ready for a prescribing course as soon as they register

Image showing a group of people in profile representing different races and cultures, with different dress, hair colour and skin colour

Settling in as an international nursing student: tips and support

The interventions that can help, from cultural events to peer support and orientation

Nurse’s head and shoulders seen from behind. She stands in front of a blackboard that has a conceptual bar chart suggesting nurse pay and conditions are in decline

If you feel close to quitting your degree, what would persuade you to stay the course?

Better clinical placements and the promise of fair pay – the support students deserve

A patient, seen from behind, talks in confidence to a nurse in uniform who is holding a clipboard

Is it ever okay to breach patient confidentiality as a nurse?

Advice for students on whether disclosing information is permitted in any circumstance

Patient consent

Navigating patient consent: tips for nursing students

Practical advice on the fundamentals of consent and determining capacity

Photo of woman giving evidence in a courtroom

What is it like to give evidence in a Coroner’s Court?

Nursing students are using a mock court to gain experience they may require in their career

A nurse with a line halfway through her face and body with one side showing her as an adult nurse and the other side as a children’s nurse

Could a dual adult and child nursing degree boost my career prospects?

Combining the two helps develop a broad skill set that will impress potential employers

Nursing students learn how to insert and attach an oral tube into a manikin

Struggling to get your NMC proficiencies signed off? How a skills clinic can help

Outreach clinics give students the chance to practise clinical skills in a safe environment

How a student channelled her grief to offer comfort to dying patients

Amy Mann also used her experience to devise end of life care workshops for students

What is ChatGPT and can I use it to help with an assignment?

Students need to be AI-literate, but must use the technology with caution

Person-centred care: how to learn from the care experience of service users

Listening to patients’ perspectives through storytelling offers invaluable insights

Initiating change to improve practice: tips for nursing students

Advice from a fellow student who highlighted a gap in patient care

Could a dual registration degree in nursing and social work be good for your career?

Find out about the potential benefits and what to expect from an integrated programme

Nursing Live: what’s on offer for students and newly registered nurses

Access free sessions on placements, well-being, mentors, careers and more at RCNi’s event

What’s your personal brand? How to stand out from the crowd as a nursing student

Social media can enhance career prospects. Find out how to build your own digital brand

I’ve finished my nursing degree – how do I register with the NMC?

What you need to know to register and to revalidate every three years

Clinical supervision for students: how does it work and how can it help?

What it looks like in practice and why the term ‘supervision’ may be misleading

Are degree curricula meeting students’ learning needs, regardless of field of practice?

Critics say courses have become generic, five years on from NMC’s new education standards