Clinical placements

How to make the most of your first clinical placement

COVID-19 delayed Lenka Huntley’s experience until her second year – here’s how she coped

Pop-up hospital helps students make up for placements lost to COVID-19

University offers practical experience with clinical scenarios role-played by student peers

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to hospital, and one nursing student is creating a toolkit that will include tips from specialists and signposting to additional support


Observing cardiac surgery made me appreciate theatre nurses’ role

Watching a surgeon replace a young patient’s heart valves helped children’s nursing student Ewout van Sabben appreciate the valuable role played by theatre nurses.


Bringing a smile to help in the tough times

Caring for a young teenager reminded children's nursing student Harriet Pollard why taking care of the emotional well-being of children and young people is equally as important as addressing their physical health needs.

Lauren Stafford

Tailor your communication to your patient

Caring for a patient with a severe brain injury taught Lauren Stafford the importance of tailoring your communication.


Delegation and its challenges

Esiri Ohwovoriole learned to share the load as her nursing responsibilities increased in line with her experience

compassionate care

Holding a patient's hand taught me an important lesson on placement

Spending time providing a patient with simple reassurance can be as exciting as any other aspect of nursing