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Resources on safety and quality in children’s nursing for professionals and parents.


Resources on safety and quality in children’s nursing for professionals and parents.


Risky Business

In the early 2000s, a quality improvement project brought together a group of healthcare professionals with experts from the world of motor racing.

They compared handovers of critically ill infants and children from operating theatre to intensive care team after complex heart surgery with the processes of a Formula 1 pitstop.

The cardiac team soon realised that healthcare has much to learn from other ‘high-risk’ occupations and industries, and created the Risky Business series of conferences. There have been 11 of these conferences in total.

To ensure that learning is shared and disseminated, the Risky Business website was established. This outlines the history of the conferences and information on the organisers.

More importantly, the website’s ‘talk sorter’ tab presents videos of exceptional talks from previous conferences. These are wide ranging in topic and speakers.

There is also a section dedicated to presentations related to paediatrics. All the talks refer to the wider learning for healthcare, and offer insights into how to tackle problems in new and innovative ways.


The PIPSQC, or ‘pipsqueak’, website was set up by the Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community.

This is an informal, international collaboration between professionals who share a passion for patient safety and quality in paediatrics.

Its aim is for practitioners and managers to interact across organisational and geographic boundaries to advance learning and improvements in children’s healthcare. 

The site outlines PSPSQC’s aim and mission. There is a link to projects that PIPSQC members are involved in or associated with, often with links to the project website.

There is also a resources tab with presentations related to paediatrics that have been delivered at international conferences. A links tab provides an extensive A-Z resource of international patient safety initiatives for paediatrics.

PIPSQC focuses on shared learning, human factors and quality improvement. This is a small but growing website that offers good resources and links to other sites of interest. 

About the author

Sue Chapman is Gulf regional clinical manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. On behalf of the RCN’s Research in Child Health community

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