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Why you should speak up about your achievements

Ruth Oshikanlu wants to help BME nurses feel confident applying for the RCNi Nurse Awards

Have a happy and stress-free Christmas and New Year

It has been a difficult year for nurses, but there are some bright spots on the horizon

Out of my comfort zone: supporting a boy whose mother was dying

How children’s nurse Michelle McKay's training helped her offer reassurance and support

The dilemma of continuing treatment for children who cannot benefit from it

Children's nurses need to develop resilience to deal with difficult ethical issues

Health literacy: laying foundations in the early years

Health visitors and school nurses can help children to develop the ability to self-care

Student voice: Mentors play a crucial role in nurse education

National Mentoring Day offers students opportunities to show their appreciation of mentors

We can boost children’s chances in life by improving their vocabulary

A new scheme aims to help health visitors tackle the word gap for those aged between 0-5

Children's nursing has come a long way in 70 years

From partnering with parents to giving patients a voice, caring has changed

Victoria Gillick, consent and the rights of the child

A court case more than three decades ago helped to define the rights of children under 16 to...

Are the needs of children and young people being overlooked in major NHS policy...

Nursing associates, PJ paralysis and stranded patients, Annette Dearmun looks at the...

My first patient death: the lessons I learned

One year on from her first patient death, Michelle McKay discusses the benefits of a good...

Children’s pain management still suffers from the misconceptions of the past

Despite good progress to change clinicians’ perceptions, optimal care is not being offered

Reading between the lines of the proposed pay deal

Despite the government's latest decision to allow pay to increase, staff nurse Emma Cowen is...

Why there should be a national funding strategy for community children's...

There is a glaring lack of NHS funding for 24/7 children’s community palliative care. Helen...

Online advice for breastfeeding mums now includes Alexa voice service

Complementing support from healthcare professionals and breastfeeding specialists,...

Emma Cowen: Making the transition from student to mentor

Being assigned a student to mentor gives Emma Cowen cause to reflect on how much she has...

Hospital saved my life when I was born prematurely, now I want to give something back

After being born 26 weeks early, Kerry Nolan was treated at the NHS trust where she now works

Yvonne Coghill: Why you should nominate a colleague for an RCNi Award

Too few nurses from black and minority ethnic backgrounds receive awards for their efforts,...