Starting out: the lessons that should have been learned

Four years ago, the government published the Francis report, but as winter looms the lessons...

Empowering looked after children and young people to take control of their health

How one former care leaver is trying to help children and young people in similar situations...

Feeling the benefits of a clinical internship

How a clinical internship can help you become an instigator of change in clinical practice.

Dangers of a gluten-free diet for children who do not have coeliac disease

'Going gluten free' is a phrase heard often in the 21st century, but a study defined by the...

Starting out: keeping the scales balanced

Rising from a 32-hour week to a 34-hour week seems insignificant, but for a newly qualified...

Can resilience be taught in a classroom?

Putting into practice the theory behind resilience in the workplace.

Stop bombarding children with junk food advertising

Former nursing director at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, Judith Ellis, who now

Sue Morgan: Young people with cancer want more honesty from health professionals

A five-year research project shows that open and honest communication with health...

A chance to shape the future of children’s nursing

The NMC consultation on new proficiency standards, which closes on 12 September, is an...

The Charlie Gard case: the importance of professional ethical reasoning

When it comes to caring for children with complex needs, ethical reasoning must exist beyond...

Charlie Gard case shows recourse to the courts is rarely helpful

Nurses working in these units are not in an emotional vacuum, says Doreen Crawford

Starting out: nursing secondments can give trusts a return on their investment

With one in nine nursing posts in England currently unfilled, nurse recruitment retention is...

The response to the Manchester attack made me proud to be a nurse

Following the attack on the Manchester Arena, paediatric nurse Sophie Monk worked overtime...

Starting out: Is it time for nurses to go on strike?

For the first time ever nurses are considering the drastic, but arguably vital, step of...

A clinical companion to the NICE guide on bronchiolitis

The authors discuss the realities of clinical practice and the evidence behind common

All is not well with family-centred care

Research has shown that family-centred care has hit a crisis; professionals do not undestand...

Starting out: facing the unfixable

Nurses have a desire to fix and help, but what happens when you face the unfixable?

Skilled in the everyday arts

The role of the outpatient department nurse may not be the stuff of TV dramas, but it is...


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