COVID-19: nurse creates picture book to ease children’s fears

Staff nurse Molly Watts hopes her book, featuring nurse Dotty the owl and Dave the dog, helps parents talk to their children about coronavirus

Picture shows nurse Dotty the owl and Dave the dog, characters in a picture book created by staff nurse Molly Watts, who hopes it will help parents calm their children’s anxiety about the coronavirus.
Picture: Nurse Dotty Books 2020

A book created by a nurse to help ease children’s fears about the coronavirus outbreak has proved a hit, and has already been downloaded more than 15,000 times.

The free picture book, Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus, features a dog named Dave relaying his anxieties about coronavirus to an owl named Dotty, who is a nurse.

Author Molly Watts, a staff nurse on the paediatric intensive care unit at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said she wrote the book because she wanted to provide information that was factual and child-friendly.

Story helps parents to start talking about coronavirus with their children

‘With everyone talking and worrying about what is going on I kept thinking about the impact this must be having on children,’ she said.

‘I hope the story helps parents to start a conversation with their children about coronavirus and hopefully alleviates some of their anxiety.’

In the 28-page downloadable book, Dotty calms Dave’s concerns about symptoms, handwashing, home isolation and potential hospital stays.

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Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus

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