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Young people with chronic liver conditions at increased risk of anxiety and depression

Researchers from King’s College London have called for a greater focus on the mental health

Parental absence linked to smoking and drinking in children

Children with an absent parent as a result of death or relationship breakdown are more

Parent-led early intervention in autism can reduce symptom severity

An early intervention in autism aimed at helping parents communicate with their child can

School sex education often negative and heterosexist

Sex and relationship education in schools should be more positive, and delivered by experts

Simple finger prick blood test could help detect serious infections

Serious infections in children can now be detected very quickly by GPs using a simple

Combined contraceptive pill linked to increase in antidepressants given to adolescent

Adolescent girls taking combined oral contraceptives are 80% more likely to receive

Healthy diet improves children's reading skills

New research from Finland suggests a healthy diet is linked to better reading skills in the

Millions to be affected by expected rise in pollen count

Back to school misery could be compounded for schoolchildren in future as numbers suffering

Greater risks of teenagers developing diabetes from weight gain during puberty

Teenagers’ tendency to put on weight at puberty has been linked to a sudden drop in the

Management of type 1 diabetes in children is boosted by robots

Children happy to interact with humanoid robots

Active toddlers are less likely to grow obese

Sedentary spells in young children should be limited, say researchers.

Ensuring children with epilepsy get vitamin D

Children with epilepsy need targeted strategies to ensure they get enough vitamin D,...

Four steps improve survival rate for premature babies

Use of all evidence-based practices could have saved 18% of deaths finds study

Knowledge of recovery position reduces hospital admission rate

Brief account of ‘Recovery position significantly associated with a reduced admission rate

Expressing anger positively could reduce eating disorders

Brief account of ‘Binge eating and childhood emotional abuse: a mediating role for anger’