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You’ve come to this page because you need us to clarify something. We hope you might find your question among those answered below. If not, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I access all online content?

You need to take out a personal subscription to, and for this we include subscription to an RCNi print or digital journal of your choice. Please see our Subscribe information, which lists all our subscription packages and price options.

I can’t access all of the content on the website, the hub and the portfolio?

Register with us, and you can access our newsroom and some revalidation content free. Please check that your print subscription includes website access. If you do not have online access as part of your subscription, you will need to upgrade - this costs just 50p a month extra.

Alternatively, you can switch from receiving your journal in print format to a digital page-turner that you can read on your laptop or tablet, at no additional cost. Digital journals come with online access included.

To upgrade to print and online, or to switch to the digital edition, please email us at

I have online access as part of my subscription, so why can’t I access articles?

This could be because you haven’t registered and clicked to confirm your email. Please register, then follow the instructions that will be emailed to you.

If you have already been accessing online articles it could be because you have used up your monthly allowance of articles from other RCNi journals. You have unlimited access to articles from your own journal, but only up to ten per month from any other RCNi nursing journal. If you would like to increase this access you can take out a subscription to another journal.

You might be accessing RCNi content through your library, hospital or other employer. This will give you access to all journal articles but not to the hub or portfolio. To access these you need a personal subscription. Find out more about personal subscriptions here.

If none of the above options fixes the problem then you will need to contact our customer services team at Please include your name and address and subscription number, if known, in your email.

Where is my subscriber reference number?

If you are a print subscriber it will be above your address on your journal wrapping. If you are a digital subscriber it will be on your welcome email or at the bottom of other emails from us. If you aren’t able to find it, please contact, including your name and address in your message.

What devices do I need to access my subscription?

You can read our website on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can access your digital journal on any tablet, laptop or desktop.

Which journal subscriptions are available to be transferred to an online subscription?

All RCNi journals can be transferred to an online subscription including Emergency Nurse. If you are a print-only subscriber, we have emailed you with details and a unique code to enable you to do this. We will be sending further emails with this information and will shortly produce a personalised magazine-insert with this code. Subscribers can obtain their code from

How do I go about keeping my paper journal and paying the extra 50p per month?

Subscribers who have a unique code can upgrade their subscription online. Those who don’t, can email Please include your postcode and membership or subscription number. All subscribers can upgrade to print and for just 50p per month more. This means you can keep your print journals and access Or you can switch to a digital journal and subscription for the same rate you pay now.

I’m a subscriber - what can I access?

As a subscriber, you can access:

• All the content on, whether clinical articles or CPD, self-assessment questionnaires or specialist articles, news and opinion, features and events.
• Your journal content online. Each RCNi journal has its own website, linked to, where you can find the latest as well as archive material from your journal.
• The portfolio.
• The hub.

I have registered on but I’m not a subscriber - what can I access?

As someone who has registered, you can access:

• Opinion articles on
• News stories on
• Noticeboard diary dates on
• Nursing Standard Nurse Awards articles on
• Articles about revalidation on

I’m not a subscriber and I have not yet registered with - what can I access?

You can access:

• Opinion articles on
• Noticeboard diary dates on
• Nursing Standard Nurse Awards articles on
• Articles about revalidation on

I don’t want a journal - can I subscribe solely to

Not at the moment - is part of the package that includes a print or digital journal subscription. Think of it as getting all the content free with a journal - or all journal content free with