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Evaluating a nurse-led sleep support intervention to reduce melatonin prescribing in...

Recommendations for a nurse-led, non-pharmacological approach to sleep support in children

Role of school nurses in identifying and supporting children and young people with...

A literature review on school nurses’ ability to identify mental health issues in children

Non-biological lesbian mothers’ experiences of accessing healthcare for their children

This group often experiences positive and negative interactions with healthcare professionals

A process for supporting children’s nurses after medication errors

Report on a quality improvement project aimed at improving the process of supporting nurses

Exploring support systems for nurses involved with safeguarding children

Study found that safeguarding children work can have significant emotional effects on nurses

Perceptions of transition from hospital to home of a child who is ventilator dependent

Families can provide skilled, competent care at home to their children with support

Nurses’ underuse of non-pharmacological pain relief interventions in preterm infants

Literature review identified factors contributing to nurses’ underuse of such pain relief

Family members’ perceptions of a Singing Medicine project in a children’s hospital

Children spending prolonged periods in hospital need to play and express themselves

Enhancing the care of children and young people with mental health issues

Children’s nurses require education and training in mental health to provide optimal care

Injection site assessment for lipohypertrophy in children with type 1 diabetes

It is vital that nurses understand the importance of injection site assessment

Does parental anxiety affect children’s pain perception during intravenous cannulation?

Children’s nurses can help parents manage anxiety to reduce the traumatic effect on children

In the child’s best interests: should life be sustained when further treatment is...

The concept of medical futility and withdrawal of care for children in intensive care units

The implementation of family-witnessed resuscitation in children and young people

Exploring the evidence for and against the practice of family-witnessed resuscitation

A position statement about predictive genetic testing among children

Genetic testing of children to predict the future risk of illness remains controversial

Development and validation of the Children’s Competence in Decision-Making Scale

Developing a tool to measure competence in the decision-making process in children aged 8-12

Withdrawal of treatment from critically ill children: legal and ethical issues

The complex issues involved in the care of children who receive life-sustaining treatment

Approaches to community-based palliative care provision by children’s hospices in the UK

Meeting the needs of children with palliative conditions and those of their families

Adolescent safeguarding: a review of the literature

Key themes are identified: adolescent life course, risk and vulnerability, and safeguarding