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Atopic eczema and barriers to treatment adherence for children

Healthcare professionals can allay medicines worries with timely education and signposting ...

Virtual and online learning during Covid-19

Education experiences of community children’s nursing students during the pandemic

Exploring the voices of children and children’s nurses in hospital

Findings from a study and literature review, and implications for children’s nursing practice

Implementing partnership working to enhance the care of the acutely unwell child

Care of children who become acutely unwell while accessing community palliative care services

Respiratory syncytial virus and its prophylaxis with palivizumab

A survey of nurses’ knowledge of palivizumab administration for children with respiratory...

Prosopagnosia (face blindness) and child health during the COVID-19 pandemic

A consideration of the potential effects of mask-wearing due to COVID-19 on child health

Factors associated with quality of life in children with sickle cell disease

Recognise the factors that can affect health-related quality of life

Updated European guidelines for coeliac disease in children

An update for clinicians on how to diagnose and manage coeliac disease in children

Why eating disorders in children and young people are increasing

Early intervention is vital in supporting a child or young person with an eating disorder
Open access

Nasogastric tube feeding under restraint: practical guidance for children’s nurses

Advice on how to minimise the distress caused by nasogastric tube feeding under restraint

Prevention of dental caries in children and young people

Read about evidence-based guidance on dental hygiene and prevention of dental caries

Community children’s nursing: developing a bespoke model of post-registration education

Curricula to support postgraduate development need to be responsive, flexible and adaptable

Day surgery admissions pathway for children and young people with learning disabilities

Enhance your awareness of the positive effects of a bespoke admission process

Supporting children’s nurses to deliver trauma-informed care

Developing resilience and using self-care strategies can inform a trauma-informed approach

Advanced clinical practice in paediatric haematology and oncology

Developing a capability document to support and standardise practice

Development of a nurse-led transport service for non-critical neonates and children

Understand the advantages of the transport nurse role and similar nurse-led services

Safely transferring critically ill adults and children during COVID-19

The role of retrieval nurse practitioners in inter-hospital transport of the critically ill

Barriers to health promotion with overweight children, young people and their families

Identifying the barriers that children’s nurses face in addressing overweight or obesity