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Abdominal X-rays in children: indications, procedure and interpretation

Enhance your knowledge of the procedure for abdominal X-rays in children and interpretation

Managing fever in children: developing guidelines that turn evidence into practice

Why you should read this article • To learn how guidelines use evidence to make practice...

Enhancing knowledge of mental health issues among children’s nursing students:...

Why you should read this article: • To understand the experiences of children and young...

Supporting the transition from nursing student to newly qualified children’s nurse

A look at the challenges in the transition to children’s nurse and support strategies

Educational requirements of nurses providing care to children with complex needs

Numbers of children with complex needs has increased and many are cared for in the community

Living with lymphoedema: children’s and young people’s perspectives

Lymphoedema has a profound effect on daily life, body image and self-esteem

Bereavement and children’s mental health: recognising the effects of early parental loss

Effects of early parental death on mental health and implications for healthcare practice

Children and young people’s experiences of having a sibling with complex health needs

A literature review of the experiences of the siblings of children with complex health needs

Neonatal abdominal X-rays: indications, procedure and interpretation

How to investigate suspected abdominal conditions in neonates

CPD: evaluating a masterclass for band 5 children’s nurses

Factors to consider when developing CPD opportunities for band 5 children’s nurses

Can a clinical skills facilitator improve staff retention in a children’s hospital?

A supportive clinical environment is important to enhance practice

Congenital heart disease: factors influencing parents’ knowledge of a child’s condition

A literature review to identify factors influencing parents’ knowledge of their child’s CHD

Implementing music therapy in a Norwegian neonatal intensive care unit

Music therapy can reinforce family-centred care and promote parent-infant bonding

Using arts-based digital storytelling in neonatal care to enhance students’ empathy

Stories based on parents’ narratives can help nursing students learn about experiences

Experiences of LGBT parents when accessing healthcare for their children: a literature...

A literature review exploring LGBT parents’ experiences to draw implications for practice

Psychosocial needs of people with thalassaemia undergoing bone marrow transplantation

Role of children’s nurses in addressing psychosocial needs of young people with thalassaemia

Anorexia: a literature review of young people’s experiences of hospital treatment

A literature review on the experiences of young people who have received hospital treatment...

Children’s and adolescents’ experiences of living with cancer

An analysis of interviews with 15 young people with cancer in Sweden