Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review

THIS TEXT takes a different approach to literature reviews to many of the more established texts. The authors have written it in the light of the popularity of the term ‘systematic review’ – which does tend to make the literature reviewer wonder what is meant by an unsystematic review – and unpicks this term for the reader, in a helpful and structured way.

The authors discuss a number of different types of review and considers their role and function.

Chapter two considers systematic approaches to literature and helps to characterise what ‘systematic’ actually looks like in relation to a literature review.

The rest of the book takes the reader through the stages needed to achieve a useful, comprehensive and appropriate literature review in a systematic, highly informative and readable way, which guides the reader through the process and the skills required, ready to apply to the task.

The chapters all include learning objectives, exercises, learning points and suggestions for further reading. These, along with the glossary, help to make this a student-friendly text that will equip the engaged student with a significant toolkit.

The large number of references, fundamental and current, demonstrate the sound research base and academic rigour of the text.

This is an excellent text, I will certainly be using it and recommending it to others – and I am glad that it has been brought to my attention.

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