Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling with IBM SPSS

A USER-FRIENDLY and accessible introduction to the topic, and as such an excellent book for academics and postgraduate students. Extensively illustrated with IBM SPSS screen shots, it guides the novice practitioner through the applications and reporting of advanced statistical models.

The appropriate statistical equations are supplied as complementary to the step-by-step IBM SPSS methods to ensure that those who delight in the physicality of statistical analysis are also catered for. In addition, the book also includes a series of IBM SPSS syntax statements as a method of making quick changes to a model, which is helpful.

Nursing doctoral students may find the use of educational examples throughout the book difficult to relate to, especially as these are grounded in the American educational system, but they act as an adjunct to the information in the text and can easily be used to illustrate the modelling concepts under consideration.

A glossary would have been a useful inclusion since statistical and IBM SPPS in particular abound in acronyms and abbreviations. The only other criticism is one that applies to any statistical textbook that uses IBM SPSS: the program changes slightly year on year, which can quickly outdate the text.

However, this is a useful text for any research student who is grappling with the concepts and practicalities underpinning multilevel and longitudinal modelling, and it would constitute a useful investment.

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