Doing a Research Project in Nursing & Midwifery

THIS BOOK does exactly what is says it will do. The writing style is accessible, and the authors use a variety of techniques to explain more complicated ideas, including diagrams and tables.

Each chapter starts with clear aims and objectives, and finishes with useful end of chapter learning points. The reference section for each chapter is helpfully broken down into sections on each of the topics covered. Additionally, each chapter has numerous student activities that are related to topics likely to be of interest to nursing and midwifery students.

The first chapter offers a tour of the basics of research with a useful section on different paradigms, including mixed methods. The second chapter looks at identifying a research problem and some of the philosophical issues involved in research. The third chapter focuses on research design, sampling methods, data collection and ethics. The fourth chapter explores data sampling and collection in more detail, and includes a variety of practical steps.

The fifth chapter takes a closer look at ethical considerations, the importance of research conduct and how this relates to carrying out a literature review. The sixth chapter describes data analysis and focuses on developing themes. This chapter has a useful worked example that relates to the content of former chapters, and concludes with a section on thematic synthesis. The final two chapters cover writing up a literature review with helpful advice around time management.

The only drawback with this book is that there is very little information about meta-analysis, and this is a very important method for evidence-based subjects. Although the authors argue that an in-depth description of this technique may be beyond the scope of this book, it would have been useful to have included more information and sources of additional material to the reader.

I would definitely recommend this book to nursing and midwifery students and related disciplines; it will be useful to students studying at an undergraduate level and also at Master’s and PhD level. As a book that covers primarily literature reviews, it could be useful to any health related student embarking on a research project.

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