Bubbly little girl needs a “forever home” – can you help?

Amy is three years old. Her developmental delay means she’s had a challenging start in life but despite this she’s a very happy, cuddly and charming little girl. Lambeth Council are appealing to all members of the caring community to help find her a forever home. Could you be her adopted parent or long-term foster family?


Amy was brought into care at four months because her mother, who has acute learning difficulties, was unable to take care of her. Amy needs a stable family to give her the safety and security she deserves, with carers who are willing to enjoy her personality and provide her with a stimulating environment so she can flourish.

She currently attends a special school three days per week where she receives professional care and attention including physiotherapy. Her chromosomal disorder means that she has a speech delay but receives regular therapy and there are high hopes this will improve in time.

Amy’s current foster carer says: “Amy loves playing with toys, bath times and looking in the mirror. She’s beginning to mix really well with other children at nursery and is babbling lots. Because she’s not able to walk, she’s happiest when she can shuffle around on her bottom.  She’s extremely cuddly and affectionate and likes sensory play. Things like peekaboo and just being in your arms, tickling and singing.

“Caring for Amy is very hands on – our days are full and you can never leave her on her own. But it’s really rewarding, because at the end of the day and despite everything, she’s very bubbly and a joy to look after.”

Lambeth council logoAmy is under a co-ordinated health and social care plan, so there’s plenty of support that will be in place for her and her future carers throughout her life. The plan will ensure she gets the multi-disciplinary developmental care and therapeutic help that she needs. Future carers will receive a generous financial package to allow them the time to care for her and make reasonable adaptions to their home.

If you think you can give Amy - or children like her - the love and attention it takes to raise a child with special needs, please get in contact with Adoption and Permanence Team Social Worker, Rose Hansford, on 020 7926 1484 / 07785 694818 or RHansford@lambeth.gov.uk

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to become a foster carer or adopter, please contact Lambeth Fostering on 020 7926 8710 or fosteringduty@lambeth.gov.uk