My job

A gift for engaging all types of patients

WITH A commitment and passion that go above and beyond the normal realms of work duties, it is hard to believe clinical research nurse Sheila Morris simply ‘fell into’ her career.

Ms Morris, who is a research co-ordinator in the regional infectious diseases unit (RIDU) at Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian in Scotland, has a research career spanning 20 years, during which time she has worked on 150 studies, predominantly focusing on the development of treatments for HIV. She works on as many as 40 studies at any one time.

Raise awareness

Named winner of the Scottish Research Nurse and Co-ordinators Network (SRNCN) Clinical Research Nurse of the Year Award 2014, Ms Morris hopes such recognition for her work will prompt other nurses to consider nursing research as a career option.

‘The award will help to get research recognised as a valuable contribution by nurses and raise awareness of its purpose,’ she says. ‘Too many nurses think it is specialist and quite mysterious, but it is not at all.’

On receiving the award, the judges commended Ms Morris, particularly for