Finalist for the Patient's Choice Award 2022

Yvonne Millerick
Nurse Consultant, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Yvonne Millerick, Patient's Choice Award finalist


Nurse consultant Yvonne Millerick was nominated by John Stuart for care given to his mother

Nurse Millerick is very competent, caring and compassionate, and as a heart failure palliative care nurse consultant, her outstanding care of my mother in the community has reduced the need for repeated hospital admissions. My mother has longstanding heart failure. At a clinic appointment several years ago, the consultant cardiologist advised that she had end-stage heart failure and could either be admitted to hospital for immediate treatment or managed at home by the heart failure palliative care service.

Since then, Ms Millerick has frequently visited mum at home to ensure that her condition remains stable and is effectively managed, as well as offering psychological support to her, my dad and members of the wider family. This has allowed the family to spend more time with mum during the final stages of her life and for her to remain at home surrounded by loved ones.

We can call Ms Millerick at any time if there are changes in her condition. This has given us tremendous support and confidence, with calls often resulting in changes in medication regimes and or an immediate clinical assessment at home. This has included out of hours and weekends when she was supposed to be off duty.

The care Ms Millerick has provided has been truly personalised and holistic. She has coordinated the provision and installation of home adaptations and equipment, as well as financial support, and liaises with other services such as the GP, district nurses and home carers.

On occasion she has reviewed my 91-year-old father during visits to my mum, liaising with his GP to address his needs. She identified the pressures the family has been under and arranged respite care. She has also engaged in difficult family discussions regarding the sustainability of the family continuing to provide 24-hour care at home.

The phrase going above and beyond may perhaps be overused but it certainly applies to Ms Millerick. In the eyes of a family who have been witness to this consistently high level of holistic care, her professionalism, commitment and compassion deserves to be recognised.

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