Our Patient’s Choice Award winner in 2019 was Sarah Everett, from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

The Patient’s Choice Award offers members of the public a chance to thank a nurse, midwife, health visitor, healthcare assistant or assistant practitioner who has made a profound difference to their care, or that of a loved one.

Sarah created Men’s Shed Govan, a social hub and haven for men facing social isolation. She was nominated by Men’s Shed regular John Alexander.

‘Ms Everett has been the driving force behind our Men’s Shed, which addresses men’s isolation and loneliness and the lack of positive activities for men who no longer have anywhere to go each day,’ said Mr Alexander.

‘She has been so willing to go the extra mile for men like us, dedicating hours to navigating around red tape with her infectious enthusiasm. She doggedly motivates all involved to keep going even when dealt bitter blows.

‘The Shed has changed lives. People have a reason to get up in the morning and face what used to be problems, but now have become challenges.’

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The Patient’s Choice Award is supported by the Patients Association.

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