Clincial categories
How creative/innovative is the initiative?
How much has the project contributed to nursing knowledge?
How instrumental was the entrant in setting up and leading the initiative?
The level of obstacles the entrant overcame to get the initiative up and running.
The impact the initiative has had on patient experience, health outcomes, nursing practice.
The level of evaluation which has been undertaken/is planned?
To what extent has the entrant disseminated/plans to disseminate their initiative

Andrew Parker Student Nurse Award
To what extent has the entrant demonstrated an ability to assess the situation, using their initiative and leadership skills to bring about change?
Does the student stand out from the crowd as a patient champion or future leader?

Bank Nurse Award
The impact the nurse has made to patient care.
Level of contribution the nurse has made to the team.
The level of involvement the bank nurse has had in implementing an organisation's initiative or project.
Level of support the bank nurse gives to the substantive team.
The extent to which the bank nurse exhibits the following nursing values, professional, reliable and caring.

RCN Health Practitioner Member Award
The level of contribution the nominee has made to the team.
Impact the nominee's contribution had made to patient/client care.
To what extent has the nominee/nominator given specific examples to illustrate the difference made to patient care?
Is there evidence of how the nominee applied learning in practice to improve patient care?

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