Finalist for the Patient's Choice Award 2022

Nicola Mould
Staff nurse, HC-One

Nicola Mould, Patient's Choice Award finalist


Care home manager nominated by community nurse Jennifer Dodds for the outstanding care given to her mother at the end of her life.

‘Nicola Mould led the care given to my mum at Orchard Mews in Newcastle Upon Tyne during the last weeks of her life. The whole team was brilliant, but Ms Mould’s leadership was amazing and the way she co-ordinated care stood out. Ms Mould could not do enough for mum and for all of us.

My mum had Alzheimer’s and was discharged from hospital post-Covid for palliative care. She had pressure ulcers and had lost a lot of weight.

Ms Mould made every effort to support my mum, me and my siblings during this traumatic and sad time. The whole team was lovely, helping mum to settle in and allowing us to visit within Covid guidelines.

Mum was unconscious during the last week of her life and we were able to be with her at such a horrible time. Ms Mould went above and beyond her role to support and help us all.
When mum’s health deteriorated, she often stayed at work hours past the end of her shift to wait for the GP to come to review her. She would make sure the plan was implemented and that mum was comfortable and pain free.

She has an amazing team at Orchard Mews with a patient-centred care philosophy. Due to the nursing care delivered by Ms Mould and her team, my mum’s pressure ulcers healed, she was comfortable, pain free and respected during her stay and was able to pass away with dignity.

We want to say a massive thank you to Ms Mould and truly believe she deserves recognition. She was professional, empathetic, knowledgeable and supportive throughout mum’s time at the care home. We are all so grateful to her for her outstanding nursing care and we will never forget her.

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