Chloe Hammond, community lead nurse, Radis Community Care is a finalist in the Patient's Choice Award in the RCN Nursing Awards 2023

John and Eileen Hullett have nominated Chloe for her exceptional care of their son Johnny, who has cerebral palsy and profound learning disabilities.

They say: ‘Chloe’s interaction with Johnny is amazing. He’s always excited when he knows Chloe is due to visit and has a very good relationship with Ocho, Chloe’s assistance dog.

Chloe Hammond, Radis Community Care

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‘Chloe has done remarkable work building a good rapport with Johnny and gaining his trust. Previously Johnny struggled with meeting new people who support him and had behavioural outbursts that would cause him distress.

‘Chloe has made him feel safe, settled and supported so he now can have new care workers with minimal distress. We have been able to get back to being the parents of our son, not just carers. Chloe is an asset and inspiration.’

Chloe provides global online support to other people with disabilities. She has been instrumental in showing that people with disabilities can be empowered by assisting others and has made a series of videos, in collaboration with her employer, to show that being a wheelchair user or having an assistance dog, does not prevent people from working in care.

Chloe says: ‘I am so proud to even be nominated for this award and to be a finalist is absolutely incredible. I love being a nurse and am so pleased to be inspirational and influential in my patients’ lives.

‘As a person with a disability, I know first hand how complex the feelings can be, to require care and assistance when all you want is to be independent. I understand how it can feel like an invasion of privacy, a lack of control, and almost a sense of accepting help means giving up. I'm so pleased to be able to help my patients see a future and help them with achieving goals and finding themselves again.

‘I hope that by being a finalist, I can show the health and social care sector world that nurses with disabilities are still valid and still nurses with so much to offer.

‘Yes the working environment may need some adaptations but that's easily overcome. The NHS is always looking for ways to recruit and retain staff and I think focusing on the contribution people with disabilities make to the workforce could help make nurses with amazing professional and personal experiences feel like they are able to continue to care.’  

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