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Photo gallery: Innovations in Respiratory Award finalist Elaine Reid

Innovations in Respiratory Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Elaine Reid
Pleural nurse specialist
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The trust where Elaine works created the pleural specialist nurse role to improve the experience of patients at the end of life by offering better support and management of their disease and symptoms.

It was partly in response to a national alert over the safety of chest drains and the time pressures on pleural services. Previously, patients with pleural disease were managed across hospital departments, but Elaine now fronts a nurse-led clinic offering a greatly improved patient pathway. She has undertaken a unique advanced practice role, first gaining ultrasound competency, which allowed her to evaluate patients prior to chest drain, then achieving procedural competency to undertake chest drains herself.

Elaine says: ‘Patients with malignant pleural effusions now have an effective and timely service for the management of their recurrent effusions with indwelling pleural catheters. This avoids recurrent symptoms and repeated admissions so improving their quality of life when time is limited.’