Photo gallery: Innovations In Your Specialty Award finalist Sally Tollerfield

Innovations In Your Specialty Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Sally Tollerfield, Endocrine clinical nurse specialist,
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
NHS Foundation Trust

Sally has designed and created the free training app My Cortisol, which shows parents how to give a life-saving injection when their child is experiencing adrenal crisis.

The injection has to be drawn up and administered using a needle and syringe, and Sally was concerned that this was a complex task for a distressed parent faced with a sick child.

‘Because the injection is given in an emergency, it is only ever done in a stressful situation,’ she says.

Previously, parents received a leaflet and a quick training session on diagnosis, but Sally developed a simple training video for the trust’s website so parents and carers can view in real time how to give an injection or refresh their knowledge. As that relied on a 3G signal being available, Sally then developed an app with the video. Parents can store their child’s medication details, and there is a page for emergency doctors who are not used to treating children with adrenal crisis.