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Photo gallery: Patient's Choice Award finalist Melanie McDougall

Patient's Choice Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Melanie McDougall
Bereavement liaison specialist nurse lead, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Having a twin is a special bond, so Tracy Mattison was devastated when her twin sister Karen died in November 2013. Tracy nominated Melanie because of the inspiring and professional way she helped her through that difficult time.

‘I was struck by her ability to put me at ease from the start. I cried my heart out while Melanie patiently comforted me.’

The nurse provided Tracy with a safe, trusted place to talk about Karen’s death. Melanie arranged for Tracy to have a photo taken holding Karen’s hand. Melanie also gave her a special book for children to record memories and encourage discussion so that Tracy’s son could remember his aunt.

Many times the nurse ‘went above and beyond’, such as when Tracy sought therapy for long-standing childhood issues and Melanie offered to go along in her own time.

‘Melanie has been the catalyst to providing families with keepsakes of their loved ones,’ says Tracy. ‘She genuinely cares.’