Photo gallery: Patient's Choice Award finalist Louise Barrett

Patient's Choice Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Louise Barrett
Student, BSc Public Health Nursing, University of Surrey

‘A consistent rock for me when I’m in some of the scariest and lowest times of my life. My relationship with my nurse has been one of the most important I have had’ – so says Holly, who was just 15 when she first met Louise Barrett. She had been admitted to a children’s ward following a suicide attempt.

‘Every morning Louise would come with a smile so warm and caring that it made me feel much better. She would sit and talk to me, help me speak up about what was going on inside my head and what help I needed.’

Autism had made it difficult for Holly to express herself, but Louise’s patience helped her communicate with clinicians.

‘Louise was always there to help calm me when I was cutting myself and trying to take my life. She has given me the strength to want to live. I want her to get this award so she knows just how wonderful she is and how she’s saved my life.’