Photo gallery: Excellence in Diabetes Specialist Nursing Award finalist Claire O’Connor

Excellence in Diabetes Specialist Nursing Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Claire O’Connor and the Children’s Diabetes Service
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

The service’s team of nurses has developed a website, app and education programme promoting self-care for children and young people with type 1 diabetes.

Sugar3 was co-designed with young patients and their families. It covers three different age groups to ensure that educational support matches children’s needs and grows with them.

It includes a personalised dashboard so children are able to track their own learning. Reports are sent to their nurse, who can target areas not understood.

Modules deal with stress management and emotional wellbeing, as well as clinical aspects.

Forums enabling children with type 1 diabetes to communicate with each other help to reduce isolation.

Lead nurse Claire O’Connor says: ‘We will roll out a face-to-face education programme, but children and young people can refer to the website afterwards. For example, a teenager might want to go out drinking with friends – he can check how to manage that on his phone.’

Sugar3 also offers Skype consultations and an email service for questions and support.