Photo gallery: Defence Nursing Award winner Sgt Pride Gaka-Chisoro

Defence Nursing Award winner - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Sgt Pride Gaka-Chisoro

While offering psychological support toofficers being repatriated from Operation Herrick in Afghanistan to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Pride decided to conduct research on the mens experiences of severe genital injuries.

He saw that their treatment plans did not fully address the psychological effects of those injuries. The men needed access to relevant, timely and appropriate information about their potential outcomes as they felt very negative about their future genital function.

Psychological needs were identified and addressed in the men who took part in the research and their outcomes improved.

Mental health practitioners now support patients on a new pathway from their repatriation to rehabilitation and through their recovery.

The pathway includes ultrasounds, fertility assessment, sperm salvage and storage, psychological and psychosexual assessment and other support as needed.

Information about genital trauma has also been included in acclimatisation programmes on deployment.