Photo gallery: Child Health Award finalist Karine Latter

Child Health Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Karine Latter

Karine has developed national nursing standards for infants born with Pierre Robin sequence (PRS), a rare condition that affects about 80 families each year in the UK. It involves a cleft palate, a smaller lower jaw and a tongue that can sit high up into the cleft palate, causing breathing and feeding difficulties.

She was concerned about the lack of evidence on care for infants with PRS and saw that there was no established best practice for high-quality care. So she funded and developed research into families’ experiences of PRS to identify gaps in provision and inform nursing practice. The study showed huge variations in care for children and their families across the country.

Using her study findings and other available evidence, Karine started work on developing the standards. Following extensive consultation with national groups, parents of infants with PRS and clinical nurse specialists in cleft lip and palate, the ten national standards were ratified in April.