Photo gallery: Child Health Award winner Gillian Robinson

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Child Health Award winner - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Gillian Robinson
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In response to high-level incidents at her trust and elsewhere, Gillian created CATNIP a coma assessment tool for neonates, infants, children and young people.

Failure to note deterioration in a childs level of consciousness, or appreciate its significance, can potentially lead to irreversible brain damage or death.

Gillians unique, evidence-based paediatric neurological observation chart incorporates both an early warning coma alert and early warning scores.

The chart also tells the clinician when to seek an urgent review from a senior medical colleague. It has detailed guidelines and parameters tailored to five age groups 0-4 months; four months to two years; two to five years; five to 12 years; and over 12 years.

Since the charts roll-out in autumn 2011, accompanied by a wide-ranging neurological assessment training programme, there has been a 100% reduction in both high and lower level incidents.