Photo gallery: Cancer Nursing Award finalist Isabel White

Cancer Nursing Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Isabel White

Isabel has established a sex therapy clinic to support and give information to men, women and couples experiencing psychosexual and relationship difficulties following pelvic cancer treatment, such as gynaecology cancers, prostate cancers or colorectal disease.

She assesses each person’s unique clinical needs and works with them through a series of sessions to develop coping strategies or clinical interventions. This can range from advice on sexual positions and use of dilators following pelvic radiotherapy in women to medication.

Isabel has also developed treatment pathways for those with sexual rehabilitation needs.

She provides level 4 psychosexual therapy and has trained staff at the trust to undertake sexual assessments and offer lower level interventions and referrals.

Her drive to ensure that people with cancer have access to expert psychosexual therapy has brought her international renown. She works tirelessly to promote this often forgotten area of care through research, conference presentation and study days.