Photo gallery: Bank Nurse Award finalist Diane Kadiri

Bank Nurse Award finalist - Nursing Standard Nurse Awards 2015

Diane Kadiri

Healthcare assistant Diane has made an exceptional impression on her colleagues and patients in the dermatology department of Withington Community Hospital in Manchester.

Specialist nurse Evelyn Wemyss nominated Diane for her way with patients, support of new staff and for ‘demonstrating professionalism in all that she does’, adding: ‘She has shown herself to be extremely competent, and has developed skills in assisting in skin surgery and helping run busy dermatology clinics.’

Diane has proven to be a reliable member of the small team who sets a positive example for students.

As well as making sure patients are comfortable while waiting, Diane takes particular care to check that they have understood and feel happy with any instructions they have been given to follow before they leave.

For Diane this is key to patients’ care, so she has voluntarily taken responsibility for the wide variety of written information sheets given to patients, including those who have had minor surgery.