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Child Health Award finalist: Neonatal Nursing Team

Child Health Award finalist: Neonatal Nursing Team

Newcastle Upon Tyne City Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A team of neonatal nurses has been helping premature babies bond with their parents using a comforter designed to take on a mum or dad’s scent. Team leader Claire Ellerby observed how comforters had a positive effect on mother and baby. After gathering evidence through a literature search and a pilot, she secured funding to introduce them in Royal Victoria Infirmary’s special care baby unit. The comforters reduce parental and babies’ stress, encourage bonding and help mothers establish breastfeeding. Its soft texture readily absorbs the scent of parents and babies. They are antibacterial, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Claire has developed a teaching pack for parents and staff guidelines regarding the comforters.

Picture credit: Jim Varney

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