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A new website, a new brand and a new era for nursing - the launch of will make it easier for all nurses, midwives and healthcare support staff to keep up to date and engage with each other.

We know from speaking to you quite how busy and pressed for time you are. Yet there is greater pressure on you now than there has ever been, not least due to the introduction of revalidation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) from next year.

Soon you may have to demonstrate to the professional regulator that you are complying with its newly revised Code, completing appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) and reflecting on what you have learned in practice, while carrying out CPD or after receiving feedback from patients.

How are you supposed to do all of that while still caring for patients and other service users, and juggling all your other commitments outside of work? We hope that will help you enormously by making the entire revalidation process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We have created the RCNi portfolio that is easy to maintain and will ensure that you comply with the NMC's requirements. You can store evidence of learning, write reflective accounts and monitor the number of hours of CPD you have completed. And should the NMC ask for proof when you re-register, you will be able to create a PDF with the click of a mouse and send it to them in an instant.

Crucially, the RCNi portfolio will be portable throughout your career. Almost all similar facilities are set up for and by employers, so you have to start from scratch if you move to a new organisation, for example. The RCNi portfolio is yours to update for as long as you subscribe to one of our journals, and should you cancel you can still view your portfolio for three months.

Under the banner of RCNi - the new name for RCN Publishing - we have also created a safe space where you can discuss issues and share ideas with other members of the nursing family in a safe environment. Most other nursing chat rooms, online forums and the like are open to all and sundry, but the Hub on will be different, because only the subscribers to RCNi journals will be allowed to take part. So you can be assured that only your professional colleagues will be able to read your contributions.

The Hub is yours to use as you see fit, though we have initiated a few discussions to get the ball rolling. Colin Parish, editor of Learning Disability Practice, will be hosting a dedicated area to which nurses from all branches and specialties are welcome to participate. We have also set up an Off Duty section where you may like to discuss common interests outside of work, or pass judgement on the latest edition of Call the Midwife, Holby City or 24 Hours in A&E.

The creation of will make it much easier for you to access all the fabulous content that the RCNi team creates every day. We have created pages that bring together all our recent clinical articles on a particular subject, we shall publish news as it happens and issue fresh opinion articles, written by nurses, on a continual basis.

Rest assured that we shall also continue to publish Nursing Standard every week and our monthly specialist journals covering everything from primary health care and nursing older people, to specialties such as learning disabilities, emergency care and child health.

The site will grow quickly over the coming months as we add content, some that will be appear exclusively on and some that we shall publish online first before it is run in our journals.

I hope you enjoy the new site, that the RCNi portfolio helps you comply with revalidation and that you make the most of the Hub. You can let me know what you think by writing to me at