Survey reveals limited knowledge of kidney disease in the UK

A survey by Kidney Research UK has found most people have little or no awareness of kidney disease

Three quarters of the British public have little or no knowledge of kidney disease, its causes or symptoms, according to Kidney Research UK.

Of the 2000 adults polled by the charity, a fifth had diabetes, high blood pressure or vascular disease, three of the leading causes of kidney failure. The majority of these did not realise they are at risk of a condition that kills about 3,350 people on dialysis or waiting for a transplant every year.

More than 55,000 people are treated for end stage kidney failure each year and there are 6,000 patients waiting for a kidney transplant.

Sandra Currie, chief executive at Kidney Research UK, which is running awareness campaign Go Purple throughout March, said: ‘The lack of awareness of kidney disease among the UK population is a serious cause for concern. With the increasing rise in diabetes and other kidney disease causes, the problem isn't going away, so awareness of the symptoms is crucial.

‘We want more people to understand that if it is caught early enough, the damage done by some forms of kidney disease can be slowed, stopped or even reversed. With kidney disease, it is very much a case of ensuring that it doesn't get to the point of no return.’

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