RCNi seeks nursing stories to highlight the complexity of the job

Are you being stretched to the limit by the demands of your job? Are you on the brink of leaving the profession because of overwork or inadequate pay?

RCNi’s journals want to raise awareness of the positive impact that nursing staff have on patients and their families on a daily basis. We also want to highlight the complexities of nursing roles and the daily challenges the profession faces. Whether you work in a hospital, GP surgery, school or care home, RCNi wants to hear your stories. We plan to use them to champion the work you do and highlight the realities of day-to-day nursing and the complexities the job involves. 

Do you feel overlooked? Do you feel undervalued or put down? Is there a lack of understanding among NHS managers and members of the public about what skills nursing involves?

Please share your stories with us about the struggles you face in your work and the difficulties you have in making ends meet financially. We would welcome hearing about the extra financial support you rely on to continue working as a nurse. Have you had to resort to food banks? Can you afford a decent life on a nurse’s salary, or is it that the complexity of the work you are doing makes you feel shortchanged compared to other professions?

Please submit your story by emailing

When you reply please provide your contact details so that we can get in touch prior to using any material in our publications. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know in your response.