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Scottish government bows to pressure from RCN over whistleblowing

The Scottish government is introducing a whistleblowing champion in every NHS board in Scotland following pressure from RCN campaigners.

In addition, an independent national officer will be appointed to ensure whisteblowing cases are handled properly.

Health secretary, Shona Robison, is scheduled to announce the measures during a speech to the NHS Scotland conference in Glasgow today.

RCN Scotland made the case for whistleblowing champions last year, during meetings with the then first minister Alex Salmond, and other party leaders.

RCN associate director for employment relations, Norman Provan, said: ‘Large numbers of nurses have genuine concerns about their ability to provide a safe and good quality service because of a lack of resources, according to both our own and NHS Scotland’s staff surveys. Yet, in many situations, nurses and others do not feel able to raise their concerns, or that it is worth doing so.

'The government announcement will assure NHS staff that the positive whistleblowing policies that we have in NHS Scotland are being put into practice, robustly and effectively.’