Organisations not equipped to meet patient demand, say staff

Survey of health and social care workers finds four out of five believe services lack resources

Four out of five health and social care workers feel their organisation has insufficient resources to meet patient demand.

These results emerged from an online survey of 2,608 health and social care workers by public sector research company Dods Research.

Half of the respondents said that financial constraints have had a significant effect on their role over the past year.

About 42% said that moving towards a seven-day NHS would have a positive effect on clinical services.

A spokesperson for Dods said: ‘The findings suggest there is disconnect between the ambitions in the Five Year Forward View and the ability of the health service to deliver on them. A majority of respondents doubt that the strategy’s goals will be realised by 2020 and are pessimistic about the leadership of the service and its long-term prospects.’

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