One nurse can change your life, former heroin addict tells CNO summit

The respect and kind words of just one nurse can help to change the life of a patient for the better, delegates at this week’s chief nursing officer for England summit heard.

Nina George.  Picture credit: John Houlihan

Former heroin addict Nina George told the conference in Birmingham how one prison nurse helped her to turn her life around after she spent a year behind bars for heroin possession in 2009.

Ms George, now an NHS volunteer, revealed that the drug had taken over her life and it was not until she met a nurse during her time in custody that she found the confidence and self-respect to change.

‘This nurse smiled at me and gave me the time of day while I was on my detox programme. She high-fived me when I successfully got to the end of it and I hung my certificate in my cell with pride,’ she said.

‘It was this positive support that helped me through and now I like who I am.'

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