Nurses join London march for safe staffing

Nurses join march organised by Cure the NHS campaign group and call on Department of Health to reinstate NICE's review of research into safe staffing

Nurses gathered in London for a demonstration calling on the Department of Health to reverse its decision to suspend work on safe nurse staffing levels.

Safe staffing demonstration

Left to right: Marjorie Doukhari, retired nurse and Midwife (RN and RM); Jade Taylor (with placard), RMN and Manager of Reading's Intermediate Care Team; Delilah Hesling, Nurse and Safety Ombudsman at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, and Julie Bailey. Picture credit: Barney Newman

Organised by the campaign group Cure the NHS, the nurses marched on the Department of Health’s headquarters to voice concern about the suspension of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence work on developing guidance about safe staffing in community and mental health settings.

Jade Taylor (pictured), a mental health nurse based in Berkshire, said her late parents had received poor care at Stafford Hospital, adding that inadequate staffing was to blame for her mother’s ‘appalling’ care.

‘Staffing is a serious patient safety issue,’ she said.

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