New app helps dementia patients tell their life story

An app has been developed to help people in the early stages of dementia tell their life story

A new app which helps people in the early stages of dementia to tell their life story has been praised by a leading nurse academic.

The 'Book of You' app adds to the toolkit already used  by nurses working with people with dementia.

Senior lecturer and programme leader in palliative care at Northumbria University, Isabel Quinn, said: 'This new app is really exciting because it is quick and easy to use with people in early stage dementia.

'We work around the person-centred care approach, but in order to do this we need to find out what is important to people with dementia, from what their interests are, to where they lived and worked. This is then used to understand future patterns if behaviour and nurture interests.'

Book of You uses the proven benefits of reminiscence therapy and enables patients to create their story using words, pictures, music and film.

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