Daily digest August 21 2015

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Dementia levels 'are stabilising'

The number of people living with dementia is levelling-off in parts of western Europe, a report says.

The University of Cambridge study, published in the Lancet, shows the proportion of elderly people with the condition in the UK has fallen, contrary to predictions that cases would soar.

Improvements in health and levels of education might be protecting people from the disease, the scientists said, however charities warned there was no guarantee the improvements would continue.

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Heavy smokers more likely to develop fat stomachs

Heavy smoking may lead to a fatter stomach, new research suggests.

While many smokers cite fear of weight gain as a reason for not giving up, scientists have found they are more likely to develop pot bellies than non-smokers.

Scientists at the University of Glasgow found that while smoking might be associated with lower overall weight, it tends to push fat into central areas resulting in a bigger stomach - an unhealthy apple shape, rather than a healthy pear shape.

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Copying newts could help find a cure for arthritis

Scientists have found a way to grow new tissue to repair arthritic joints - by copying what newts do.

Experts have taken a leaf out of nature’s book to develop effective stem cell treatment for the crippling condition which affects millions of people in Britain.

The amphibians use a process called dedifferentiation to regenerate tissue.

Now York University has adapted this by growing clusters of human cells that go to a stem-cell-like state, able to grow new tissue.

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