Child abuse whistleblowing helpline opens for healthcare professionals

NSPCC will run child abuse helpline for healthcare staff worried about how cases are being handled

Nurses can use a whistleblowing helpline run by the NSPCC to raise concerns about how their employer is handling child abuse cases from today (Saturday, February 13). 

The helpline and email support will be a source of advice to nurses and other healthcare professionals who feel they cannot raise concerns internally or who feel they have exhausted all avenues in their organisation. It will be available from Monday to Friday and has been given government funding.

The Home Office said: 'Healthcare workers have a vital role in preventing and responding to child abuse’. 

Staff calling the helpline will be offered advice on the whistleblowing process and will have legal protection from future workplace discrimination arising as a result of their concerns, the Home Office said. 

Karen Bradley, minister for prevention of abuse, exploitation and crime said: ‘Some employers are making great strides in strengthening whistleblowing processes. But more can be done to encourage employees to report malpractice without fear of victimisation, particularly in relation to children, where the cost of failure is so high.

‘No one should be afraid to report concerns about failures in child protection.’

The service will take calls from all UK countries and it is intended to highlight patterns of failure.

The helpline number is 0800 028 0285 and the email address is 


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