Public Health England issues measles advice for nurses

Public Health England has produced a poster to remind nurses and other healthcare professionals about best practice in caring for measles patients

Nurses are being reminded about the symptoms of measles in young people and how to care for measles cases away from vulnerable patients through a new poster.

The Public Health England poster, entitled 'Think Measles - it's not just a kids' problem', says that teenagers, young adults and anyone who has missed their MMR vaccination can get measles.


It details the symptoms of measles for healthcare professionals. These include high fever, a rash, sore red eyes and a cough.

It also informs professionals to keep young measles patients away from immunocompromised patients and pregnant women.

The poster is designed to be displayed in hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries and other healthcare settings.

Measles is one of the most highly communicable infectious diseases and complications can include ear infections and pneumonia.

Further information: 

A measles poster by PHE